Solution 00 tip after I receive my grade Assignment 1
Solution tip after I receive my
Solution tip after I
tip after I receive my grade Assignment
Solution tip after I
receive my grade Assignment
Solution tip after
(Solution) 00 tip after I receive my grade! Assignment 1:

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$80.00 tip after I receive my grade! Assignment 1: Discussion Forum By Saturday, June 6, 2015, participate in this Discussion Area by selecting one of the topics listed below and writing a response of approximately 250 words. Compose your thoughts with careful research, analysis, and personal insight. Your commentary will become mind-opening as you demonstrate critical thinking about your topic. Use visual and precise language, seeking to make connections between ideas and artistic form. Clarity is necessary, as is original thought. Remember to seek accuracy, write visually, and get to the point. Apply terms from the language of the elements of art and principles of design to invoke a visual sense of the art and its style in your text. Elements of Art Principles of Design Line Color Value Texture Shape Form Space Balance Emphasis Contrast Movement Rhythm Unity Include images, clips, and links to music when appropriate. Please note the artwork’s identifying traits: title, name of artist, year created. Cite as appropriate. References to the textbook and at least one other source (e.g., class lecture, scholarly article, or museum website) are necessary and should be cited using MLA style. If you need help with the MLA format, please visit the Writing Center or Tutoring Services. Note: Wikipedia is not a permitted scholarly source. Post your response to the appropriate Discussion Area by clicking “Respond” in that threaded discussion. Please do not use attachments for this assignment. Post your response directly in the classroom textbox. Grammar and spelling are expected to reflect college-level work. Please spell check and proofread all work prior to submission


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