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See  attachment. I have put the information in a word document explaining what I need assistance with.Date: 04/6 04/7 04/8 04/9 04/ 10 04/13 04/14 04/15 04/16 04/17 Time 1hr:40 2hrs 1hr:50 1hr:20 1hr:20 1hr:45 1hr:45 1hr:45 1hr:45 1hr:45 05/18 05/19 05/20 05/21 05/22 05/25 05/26 05/27 05/28 05/29 1hr 1hr: 15 1hr:15 1hr: 30 1hr: 30 1hr: 45 1hr: 45 1hr:20 1hr: 45 1hr: 20 **The data above is was collected for time spent preparing meals on a daily basis. The first set of data was collected for 10 days then the next set was collected for an additional ten days. Welcome to the final SLP. In this assignment, you will use regression and ANOVA to analyze your data. Write a 2-page paper summarizing the following points. 1. Take your data and arrange it in the order you collected it. Count the total number of observations you have, and label this number N. Then create another set of data starting from one and increasing by one until you reach N. For example, if you have 10 observations, then your new set of data would be (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). This set of data is called a time series. Run a regression using your original set of data as your dependent variable, and your time series as an independent variable. Go to the following site (using Google or Firefox) to calculate your regression: regression-input . What is the regression equation? Interpret and explain your results. 2. Divide your data in half (or into two groups of 8 or less). Then use ANOVA to test if there is a significant difference between the two halves of your data. Use this site to input your data ( ). Interpret and explain your results.


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