Solution 1 Exercise 1 jet type aircraft Also if you find multiple numbers e
Solution Exercise jet type aircraft Also if you find
Solution Exercise jet type aircraft Also if
jet type aircraft Also if you find multiple numbers e
Solution Exercise jet type aircraft Also
if you find multiple numbers e
Solution Exercise jet type
Solution Exercise
(Solution) 1 Exercise 1: jet type) aircraft. Also, if you find multiple numbers (e.

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Please help me answer questions A-H given the specific aircraft and details in the document.1 Exercise 1: Rectilinear Motion The first part of this week’s assignment is to choose and research a turbine powered (i.e. jet type) aircraft. You will further use your selected aircraft in subsequent assignments, so be specific and make sure to stay relatively conventional with your choice in order to prevent having trouble finding the required data during your later research. Also, if you find multiple numbers (e.g. for different aircraft series, different configurations, and/or different operating conditions), please pick only one for your further work, but make sure to detail your choice in your answer (i.e. comment on the condition) and stay consistent with that choice throughout subsequent work. In contrast to formal research for other work in your academic program at ERAU, Wikipedia may be used as a starting point for this assignment. However, DO NOT USE PROPRIETARY OR CLASSIFIED INFORMATION even if you happen to have access in your line of work. Keep in mind that any theoretical solution to a complex, unique real world problem is based on models and generalizations, requiring certain assumptions and simplifications, and comes with a variety of limitations as to its applicability. Therefore, detailing conditions and selections is a fundamental part of a scientifically sound approach and documentation of your solution to the problems. 1. Selected Aircraft: Cessna Citation X 2. Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) [lbs] : 36,600 3. Engine Type and Rated Thrust [lbs] : Rolls Royce AE3007C2? Rated thrust 7034 lbs 4. Total Available Thrust (sum of all engines for multiengine aircraft) [lbs] : 14068 pounds of thrust for two engines 5. Maximum Rate of Climb [ft/min]: 4117 Feet Per Minute 6. Take-off distance at MTOW [ft] : Uniformly Accelerated Rectilinear Motion and Newton’s Law of Momentum Equations: F = ma m = W/g V F 2 = V I 2 + 2 a s g = 32.2 ft/sec 2 V F = V I + a t Takeoff distance (s) = V F 2 /2a KE = ½ mV 2 PE = Wh HP= T*V kts /325 sin(?) = (ROC kts )/(V kts ) 1 kt = 1.69 ft/sec Remember to keep track of units, convert as required, and express answers in the requested unit. (Keep in mind that the initial velocity V I for takeoff is zero since we start from a standstill). This document was developed for online learning in ASCI 309. File name: Ex_1_Rec±linear_Mo±on Updated: 07/08/2015


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