Solution 1 How did Gustav Mahler create a jarring sense of conflict and tension in his Symphony No 1
Solution How did Gustav Mahler create a jarring sense of conflict and tension
Solution How did Gustav Mahler create a jarring sense of
Gustav Mahler create a jarring sense of conflict and tension in his Symphony No
Solution How did Gustav Mahler create a jarring
sense of conflict and tension in his Symphony No
Solution How did Gustav Mahler create
Solution How did
(Solution) 1 How did Gustav Mahler create a jarring sense of conflict and tension in his Symphony No. 1?

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1 How did Gustav Mahler create a jarring sense of conflict and tension in his Symphony No. 1?Answer Using brass instruments only Mixing classical and folk music Ending each movement abruptly Ignoring the principles of tonality 2 Why does Seurat portray almost all the people in A Sunday on La Grande Jatte as looking either straight or downward? Answer To emphasize their rigidity To impart a cheerful tone To create a sense of depth To evoke sadness 3. Why did Friedrich Nietzsche reject organized religion, going so far as to declare that "God is dead"? Answer For producing morality based on fear of punishment For suppressing people's creative thoughts For demanding conformity among its members For denying that people could be heroes 4In The Night Caf, how does Vincent van Gogh express "the terrible passions of humanity"? Answer Emphasizing the glare of gas lights Portraying the patrons as asleep Blurring features with thick brushstrokes Garishly contrasting reds and green 5 In A Doll's House, what does the doll's house symbolize for Nora? Answer Her happy marriage Her rise from poverty Her restricted life Her child-like nature . 6 What is the literal definition of fin de sicle? Answer End of the century Beginning of the cycle Period of hope Time of change 7 Why did some French complain about the Eiffel Tower?Answer Feared collapse Too tall Annoying beacon light Violation of Paris's beauty 8 What effects characterize Art Nouveau? Answer Abstract geometric patterns Flowing designs from nature Vibrant color applied randomly Simple medieval designs . 9 How did Louis Comfort Tiffany create his Art Nouveau stained glass? Answer Adding ground gemstones to the molten glass Dusting it with gold and silver powder Mixing different colors of glass together while hot Placing small dots of two colors very near each other 10 As reported in the chapter's "Continuity and Change" section, why did Freud place so much emphasis on interpreting a person's dreams? Answer They revealed suppressed desires They were more logical than reality They returned the dreamer to childhood They exposed sexual inadequacies 11 For what were the Fauvists especially known? Answer Juxtaposition of light and dark Geometric shapes and fragmented objects Use of pasted objects on a canvas Bold application of unnatural 12 As discussed in the chapter's "Continuity and Change" section, why can Picasso's Bottle of Suze be viewed as a political statement about the first Balkan War?Answer The map shows the Balkans A gun rests beside the bottle Suze is a Balkan wine The newspaper describes a battle 13 What much earlier work does Umberto Boccioni's Unique Forms of Continuity in Space resemble?Answer Laocoon and His Sons Nike of Samothrace Aphrodite of Knidos Athena Parthenos 14 With what are the German Die Brcke artists associated? Answer Disturbing color contrasts and jagged linear constructions Insulting their audiences with unpopular political scenes Deconstruction of the subjects' planes to basic forms Juxtaposing traditional scenes with violent 15 Who developed Imagist poetry?Answer Guillaume Apollinaire Gertrude Stein Alice B. Toklas Ezra Pound 16 Why were Thomas Edison's arly films for the Kinetoscope rather limited? Answer Only one person at a time could view them Price to view them was beyond the working class Lapse between slides made the films quite long Only black and white images showed up on film 17 Why did Igor Stravinsky earn boos and hisses from the opening-night Parisian audience for Le Sacre de printemps (The Rite of Spring)?Answer Stravinsky was Russian The dancers were nude The play was violent and paganistic The radical music was jarring 18 Why in Composition VII does Kandinsky represent the social middle class with green?Answer They are the dominant living force They are calm in the storm of blue They are smug and immovable They are fertile and vibrant 19 Why did The Birth of a Nation establish director D. W. Griffith as a film master? Answer His invention of intertitles His manipulation of racist sympathies His genius for promoting his film His use of cinematic space 20 Why did Eadweard Muybridge photograph a trotting horse in rapid succession? Answer To analyze the optimal positioning of a jockey To determine if all four feet ever are off the ground To study the length of the horse's stride To create a series of frames for a motion picture . 21 According to Freud, how have civilizations failed humans? Answer Repressing human sexuality Not defining a social conscience Not controlling aggression Not establishing pleasure 22 Why did Virginia Woolf disapprove of Joyce's Ulysses? Answer Use of obscenity Absence of punctuation Working-class focus Excessive 23 In Remembrance of Things Past, how did Marcel Proust defy the constraints of linear time? Answer Free association of memories Multiple streams of consciousness Dismissal of grammatical conventions Exploration of subjective impulses 24 Why did Gertrude Stein declare of the World War I survivors, "You are all a lost generation"? Answer They were expatriated They were damned They were optimistic They were 25 According to its founders, what did Dada mean? Answer New Nonconformity Nothing Notorious 26 Why did the Nazi government ban Erich Maria Remarque's novel All Quiet on the Western Front? Answer Too antimilitaristic Too violent Too realistic Too nationalistic . 27 Why did some early twentieth-century writers embrace stream of consciousness? Answer To pare down their writing styles to the most basic reflections To expand their novels beyond a mere narrative of events To focus more sharply on condensed episodes of time To emphasize the subjectivity of their characters' points of 28 Why did the World War I soldiers so fear mustard gas? Answer It had a noxious smell It blinded and choked them It turned their skin yellow It provided cover for the enemy 29 How did Salvador Dali claim to have been inspired to paint such works as The Lugubrious Game and The Persistence of Memory? Answer Staring at a runny piece of cheese Free-association sessions with Freud Self-hypnosis that led to allucinations Keeping a journal of his dreams 30 How does The Battleship Potemkin's Odessa Steps scene qualify as Eisenstein's invention? Answer No civilians were killed in the massacre No such steps exist in the city of Odessa No massacre occurred on the steps No baby carriage rolled down the steps 31 Why was Frank Lloyd Wright's inclusion in the International Style exhibition of 1922 ironic? Answer He despised the International Style He did not design skyscrapers He was working in Europe at that time He considered his designs too old-fashioned . 32 As discussed in the chapter's "Continuity and Change" section, why did Adolph Hitler ban abstract art? Answer For including works done by Jewish artists For representing dissolution of the established For not representing subjects realistically For rejecting propagandistic symbolism . 33 Why did Hollywood, CA, become the center of the movie industry?Answer Plentiful cheap Mexican labor Proximity to varied terrain Abundant inexpensive land Large manufacturing area 34 Why did the more experimental, avant-garde films develop in Europe? Answer European films contained more symbolism Europeans lacked financing of the major studios Europeans viewed film as a form of high art European film focused more on mood and feeling 35 What label did her contemporary critics place on Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings? Answer Southwestern Feminine Erotic Schizophrenic . 36 How did Bessie Smith distinguish her blues songs? Answer Expanding the band to include a saxophone Introducing a call-and-response chorus Adding a chromatic note before a line's last note Singing entirely in the lower blue note 37 Why is William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury considered one of the most daring uses of stream of consciousness in modern fiction? Answer It's told from the viewpoints of 15 different characters One of its narrators is intellectually disabled Its interior monologues span multiple generations One of its narrators is a victim of 38 Why were between 75 and 90 percent of the films shown in Europe made in America? Answer Europeans were fascinated with American culture Banks refused to loan money to post-war European studios The most popular stars were under contract in America American films were more profitable than European ones 39 Who coined the phrase "Jazz Age" to describe 1920s America? Answer Ernest Hemingway F. Scott Fitzgerald William Faulkner Hart Crane 40 How did New York's white population support the Harlem cultural resurgence? Answer Investing in black-owned businesses Financing revitalization of Harlem apartments Buying blacks' art and frequenting the clubs Supporting black-owned publication houses


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